Gaming Story: Fallout 3 Cannibal Town

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While trying to think of something different to talk about I thought it would be fun to tell you all about some stories about my gaming sessions. This one is about a specific experience I had in Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360 (it’s also on PS3 and PC). Be warned though, this is about making a virtual person eating virtual people. If you can’t tell the difference between virtual Cannibal and real Cannibal, or if Cannibalism is too sensitive of a topic for you, you probably shouldn’t read this.

I got Fallout 3 around Christmas during the year of its release. To be honest I didn’t like it and after playing it for a couple hours I turned it off and tried other things. Around four to six months later I though I would give the game another chance. For one reason or another the second time I played was a more enjoyable experience.

For those of you who haven’t herd of this game you play as a character who lives in a type of underground vault where your family has lived since an atomic bomb hit and you end up living to find out what happened to your father. To say more that that would be spooling the story.(that and I forgot the rest). When you start out the games has you make choices that affect your characters states and personality. You can also pick your gender, and as per usual almost anytime I get this choice I always choose the female character. It’s just how I play.

After going through your birth, your 13th birthday party, and a personality test you get to set our on wonderful adventures full of fun, excitement, romance, and beautiful sceneries that are a sight to behold….  Well not really. Like many games of the day the screen is saturated with multiple shades of brown. Any color the game had looks like it was enhance by the dirty Brown fairy. The setting is a broken down wasteland fill of broken down homes, mutated animals and people, and masses amounts of areas filled of empty land, trash, and homeless people. I even died once from drinking too much water form the toilet. Add to all of that the music of the 1940’s and you have an extremely depressing setting.

Fallout 3 also has a moral system. Action you do have an effect on how people treat you. For this game I though I would play this however I felt like playing. I was hoping to become an evil character that kills everything in my path, but after 10 minuets I played the rest of the game as an upstanding citizen with the only negatives were taking thing that didn’t belong to me. Again it’s just how I played.

There is also a perk system while you can choose a special perk every time you level up. It rages from upping your stats, to opening dialog options, and other strange skills. This is where my story truly begins. One day I was playing and I unlocked the choice to pick the Cannibal perk. By picking this I could eat people I killed but if people saw me eating someone people in the game world would think lowly of me. My inner villain couldn’t resist choosing it.

With my new Cannibal perk in hand I wanted my first time to be memorable. After playing for a while I came to a broken down town with people still living there. This seamed odd since most of these towns usually wouldn’t have many people living in them. I don’t remember much about earlier experiences there other than there was a secret to be found.

From what I remembered some of the town folk were hinting about a secret someone in the town had. I wasn’t taking it seriously since I was just looking for items and loot; however, for some reason I remember the story pointing me to try accessing one of the citizen’s basements. After some poking around in houses that looked very similar to each other I finally made my way into the basement. Once I was in there I was treated to a view of dead bodies opened up with there internal organs harvested for human consumption. I would have been more disturbed by this if it weren’t for this kind of thing being a common occurrence in the game.

After not finding much in this room I leave the house when all of a sudden the owner of the house confronts me. He asks me what I thought if what I saw in the basement. Thinking about the fact that I myself have chosen to be a cannibal by choosing the perk it was an easy for me to choose the next bit of dialog. I told min that they were all sick individuals, that the all commented unspeakable atrocities, and some colorful metaphors I won’t say here. So after all that the fight began and I did the only thing I could think of… I killed the owner of the house, who I believed was the head of the town, and in front of his beloved citizens I ate him!!

That right after telling a man that eating people was wrong I killed and ate him (remember, I’m talking about a video game. No real people were eaten in the process of this game session). During this time the town’s people were attacking me while I was doing this. After I finished I did the same thing to the next character, and then the next one, sometime after that I was taking too much damage so I just finished off the rest… then ate them.

When looking back I for some reason think it was funny. My character was a Cannibal hating Cannibal that punished Cannibal by eating them. I don’t think I used the perk much after that but for the few times I did use it the experience was something I liked to point out.  Part because of how silly it sounds, part because of what you can actually do, but mostly because of how sick it is. While I don’t recommend people who play this game to get the perk, there is fun to be had in such a dark and gruesome option.  If you take things too seriously stay away from this game and like I said no real people were eaten in the course of this article, nor do I feel the urge to take urge to snack on my neighbors. It is just a game and because you can do it in a game doesn’t mean you’ll do it in real life. (I know way too many people who would think so).

So until next time “Don’t eat any people!!! It’s just wrong!”


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UkyoConvoy is not the type of gamer that plays to be the best. Instead he plays for the fun and experience. The new and unique is more appealing to him verses what’s popular. If you’re the kind of gamer that wants to prove your worth find another player, but if you just want to have a good time he’s you guy. UkyoConvoy likes many single player genres but his online preferences are more games with co-operative modes. There are some exceptions to that and one of those genres is fighting games. He may not be the best but you can be assured he’s not the person that uses the same character over and over again.
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